Managed Cloud Hosting

FileMaker hosting and server setup is complicated and can be confusing! But it’s critical to your business that it be done right. Can you afford to have mission critical databases suddenly inaccessible? …or worse, insecure? There are many options for hosting out there, and we are happy to be your guide. Amazon Web Service (AWS) provides a reliable and cost effective cloud  platform for FileMaker hosting.

Cloud-based FileMaker Hosting

The cloud server environment empowers your team to access data from practically anywhere, increasing productivity. It also enables our team to consult/develop, make maintenance updates, and perform enhancements anytime, improving your FileMaker database cost effectively.

Comprehensive Cloud Server Setup

We manage the entire setup for your server and hosting environment, assist with data migration for your current database(s), and provide everything you need to be up and running, pronto! This is a fully managed service — to whatever extent you need — and the server remains yours, and completely under your control if you choose. We offer any combination of the following management services:

1. AWS server setup and configuration

We’ll get your server created, set up and running under your own Amazon Web Services account. Note: You retain full administrative control of the AWS account; we help manage it.

2. Data migration

If you already have databases locally or hosted somewhere else, we’ll get those moved over to your new cloud server, setup and running seamlessly.

3. Security

Security is extremely important. We follow industry best practices to set up SSL (secure socket layer) security so when you access your cloud-hosted databases, you can feel confident there are no prying eyes on your data.

4. Data Backup

There are so many different ways data can be backed up, we will work with you to determine the best way for your data. There are many options including backing up to other AWS servers/services, third-party cloud data backup services, and even DropBox, which can be a convenient way to have full access to your backup data without having to touch your AWS server!

5. Directory Service

If you have multiple FileMaker database file hosted, then you’ll want an easy way to manage logins and passwords, rather than having to update and change every single FileMaker file, every single time you need to add a user or change a password! That’s where directory services come in. Maybe you’ve heard of Active Directory (Windows) or Open Directory (Mac OS). These are good examples of Directory Services. We can get you set up with these or others to best suit your needs.


Please contact us today for more details and a consultation to discuss your individual business needs and how we may be of service!