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FileMaker Pro General Consultation
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Server Management

Fully Managed Cloud Hosting
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Located in the Seattle, Washington area, North Coast Software offers FileMaker Pro professional consulting and development services.

Team Highlights

Allen Ulbricht

Allen Ulbricht

Allen is a FileMaker Certified Developer with over 10 years aggregate experience working with the FileMaker platform in a variety of environments including enterprise and small/medium businesses. His vertical market and application experience includes:
• Industrial
• Hollywood / Film
• Games (both digital and traditional)
• Medical
• Government (police and fire)
• Inventory management solutions, including barcode support
• Customer Relations / CRM
• Invoicing
• Sales, including automated proposal generation
• Asset management (physical and digital)

He also has extensive experience with desktop, mobile, and server platforms; including enterprise deployments across multiple pre-production and production environments.

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